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Those new security chips in your credit cards aren’t helping much in cutting down on credit card fraud, partly because thieves found other ways to steal and partly because not enough merchants are using the chips, says a new report issued this week.The report, compiled by consulting firm Javelin Strategy & Research and identity-theft-protection firm Life Lock Inc., said nearly half of credit card fraud cases involving chip-enabled cards occurred at 64 percent of merchants who haven’t installed chip-enabled terminals.“Fraud is kind of like squeezing Jell-O,” said Stephen Coggeshall, chief analytics and science officer at Life Lock.

For example, if you have a delinquency on your Experian credit report, but not your Trans Union credit report, you should avoid credit card issuers that pulls Experian, and try to apply for card issuers that pulls Trans Union.

Unfortunately we don’t know much about things such as what credit bureau they pull and what their other approval criteria is.

If you apply, please share your experiences in the comments below (please don’t just ask lots of questions in the comments if you’re unwilling or unable to apply, it just clogs up the comments section. One thing a lot of people are reporting is being denied for too much credit extended.

Unfortunately purchasing your FICO score can get a bit pricey, as even with the discount, all three FICO scores will cost you about .

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Overall, the number of identity theft victims rose 18 percent since 2015 — a number that represents 15.4 million people and losses totaling $16 billion.

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