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Cheryl was used to wearing see-thru blouses when we went out clubbing but this was usually when we sat in a darkened corner or slow danced..Then came the Party where we dressed up in costumes...Cheryl decided to go as a big black cat......costume consisted of a black...

Later on, we arrived at our favorite restaurant and sat outdoors. The first time we went to Miami's South Beach I decided to buy the wife a new swim suit.

She lost some weight recently and feels really good about her body.

I believe this was key to getting her old self back again like when we met...

Certain day, some years ago, my wife went to her French course using a common blouse, pair of transparent green pants and a pair of flowered rose panties.

My **** was very hard after I saw her with her transparent clothes and I think her teacher and schoolmates got horny too. So, this is not really a "see through" story, but even better.

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As the waiter was leading us to our table, my wife was walking in front of me. We stayed there for a few days but were never in the water, just laid around the beach.