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Chat mistress free

Thinking back later Suzzie was pretty sure that her arms made as if to pull away but that her fingers reacted and clasped her hands down tight. All she remembered at the time was that her hands were indeed stuck together; immobile. Pull them apart." She heard Wayne's voice in a mixture of disbelief and surprise. I can' God." The Mistress found herself saying. Suzzie was also equally marvelling but also feeling quite embarrassed and a little, well, angry. "Now, Suzzie when I touch your hands they will no longer be stuck together, you will be free to move them just as freely as you did before. " Mistress Suzzie nodded reflexively in response to his instruction. "Got to admit, that's impressive" Suzzie heard Wayne as she reacquainted herself with her surroundings.

Though whether at the hypnotist or at herself for this unexpected loss of control she was not sure. Your hands were stuck together and you needed someone else to ask for you to be released? He moved his hands to hers as a seed of fearful fascination about all this lack of control, and of submission to his lead, took root deep within her. Just before he touched her hands and released her; the most intense power exchange she could ever remember experiencing seemed to have travelled across that pub table. "You sure you weren't just having us on back there?

But above that level you are to try to keep them as far apart as possible. " Mistress Suzzie remarked to herself that usually she was the one giving orders, not to mention that this guy appeared a little direct; but he seemed to know what he was doing and Sandra and Wayne were now looking at her with expectation on their faces... "Very good, now Mistress I want you to focus on the tips of your index fingers and try as hard as you can to keep them apart. " She nodded and almost imperceptibly he sandwiched her hands together in his. Quite so", Suzzie replied taking a sip of her drink somewhat hurriedly and trying to look composed.

"Now, go." It's pretty fricking hard to do Suzzie thought to herself.

She could feel her breath catching in her throat and at the back of her chest.

Their eyes met for a second and in that instant something passed between them that told Suzzie that this was not the end. These nails had teased many a submissive into quivering surrender."Now I want you to press your index fingers tightly together up to the bottom of the first digits.It was the second time Mistress Suzzie had met him. The general hum of other conversations at this informal kink event meant they could chat fairly comfortably.The first time he'd just seemed like a typical nice guy; reasonably interesting to get to know but nothing more than that. Suzzie came back to the table shivering and complaining about the cold outside. " he winked at her before taking a sip of his beer. Been on and off for a while." "What have you tried?

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"And now Mistress Suzzie when I remove my hands from yours you will find your hands are stuck together and you will be unable to separate them no matter how hard you try." The Mistress could see the fascinated looks of expectation on the faces of Wayne and Sandra.

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