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Cost of great expectations dating service

To quote from a book about climbing Mount Everest, the author stated that the hardest challenge with mountaineering in Nepal is not getting sick in Kathmandu!

But that doesn't mean that every trip to Nepal, India or the like will see you with the runs or throwing up; a normal healthy experience is quite possible with a bit of common sense and a fair size chunk of luck. So are all the cold salads, ice cubes in drinks, fruit juices, hand-made ice creams, raw food and buffet warnings.

The latter, the more severe form can be totally incapacitating and is normally coupled with vomiting.

Such may have you go through hell and back for at least 6-24 hours and will be a case of something more sinister such as the .

Its effects are horrible, but it doesn't last long in most cases.

The bacteria responsible for diarrhoea and related symptoms normally die after 36 hours.

If it lasts longer than this, chances are you have nothing serious, but something treatable, for instance giardia (indicated by severe flatulence, stomach cramps and sulphurous belching) which is cured by Flagyl (Metronidazole) - see a pharmacist.

A distinction should be drawn between general travellers' diarrhoea, and severe diarrhoea.

The former which is more of an annoyance than a major problem, can normally be clocked up to changes in diet, time-zone, irregular eating and general stress.

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Best advice: don't get paranoid about food poisoning otherwise it can cloud a trip and your experiences of some great food.

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