Spike tv dating outdated rules for dating

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Spike tv dating

For Milavec and Kaye, when Buffy desires to date a wholesome good guy like Riley, she does so for all the wrong reasons and fails to connect to her partner emotionally.

They benefit one another in utility and nothing more.

For Milavec and Kaye, Buffy and Angel’s relationship is total in devotion and loyalty, and this is why they are understood to have the complete friendship.

Milavec and Kaye’s qualification of Buffy and Spike’s relationship as the pleasure friendship is inaccurate because they restrict it under one, and only one, conclusive definition like so many other authors have.

Here, Milavec and Kaye argue that Buffy and Spike have the pleasure friendship because it is fueled solely by passion: “Spike is irresistible to Buffy because he is a monster: monsters are evil, evil is dangerous, and danger is exciting.” What undercuts a pleasure friendship is that it is built on passion alone, and once the danger and excitement is gone, so is the appeal.

However, unlike the first model, which accurately paired Riley in his deserved category, this is not a true reflection of Buffy and Spike’s relationship.

This model is an accurate reflection of Buffy and Riley’s relationship because “Buffy deliberately chooses Riley with a particular goal in mind: to have a ‘normal’ boyfriend” (Milavec and Kaye 175).

During the retreat back to his crypt however, the flare and feist in his rage appears more elevated than usual: “I’m her pet project. “Red, black, and white carry special significances in American culture.

White is the color of purity; black, the color of evil or death; green, the color of jealousy; and red, the color of lust or sensuality” (Clemons).

For Buffy, having been in a relationship with the cursed vampire Angel and the good college boy Riley, no one would ever have dreamed that the follow-up, in what would become her third and final relationship of the series, would be Spike. The definition of the relationship that develops between Buffy and Spike is a frequent topic of debate. The first level is the utility friendship, which is defined as “a relationship based on mutual benefit, irrespective of whether or not the two parties especially enjoy each other …

The list drags on, and many have argued one over the other.

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Rather, this paper will argue that Buffy and Spike qualified, at different points, as of Aristotle’s levels of friendship in addition to several other varieties of love.

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