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stol.) Miscellaneous The Malleus maleficarum Sabbath and scholasticism / Sabat a scholastika Reality of the sabbath / Relnost sabatu Early modern doubts / Ran novovk pochybnosti Literature / Literatura A pagan witch-cult in medieval and early modern Europe / Pohansk arodjnick kult ve stedovk a ran novovk Evrop Some precursors (a preliminary list) / Pedchdci (pedbn seznam) Margaret Murray and her Witch Cult hypothesis / Margaret Murrayov a jej hypotza o kultu arodjnic Critical assessments of Margaret Murray’s hypothesis / Kritick zhodnocen hypotzy Margaret Murrayov Posterity Flight of the witches / arodjn let Pact with the demon / Pakt s blem Other topics / Dal prezov tmata Witchcraft and sexuality / arodjnictv a sexualita Magic and gender, witchcraft and gender / Magie a gender, arodjnictv a gender Miscellaneous / Rzn Male witches / arodjnci Magic and politics / Magie a politika Some bibliographical ressources / Vybran bibliografick zdroje On the Middle Ages, see Medieval heresy below. [Podtrhuje snahy o nvaznost a t paralely v reakcch spolenosti na dvn hereze a na soudob nov nboensk hnut. Augustinovo Contra Faustum, polemika s gnostiky, sv. stol., Arras 1025, Petr Ctihodn a Contra Petrobrusianos, Contra Henricum, pmluvy za zesnul, Valdès, oznaen „albigent“. Podrobn recenze (i s faktografickou, reprodukujc st) v Heresis 33 (2000), 108-117. c.; h.] Arnold, John H., „The Historian as Inquisitor: The Ethics of Interrogating Subaltern Voices“, Rethinking History 2/3, 1998, 379-386. Bibliography: xv-xxv.] Solovjev, Alexandre, Svedoanstva pravoslavnih izvora o bogomilstvu na Balkanu, Stoyanov, Yuri, The Hidden Tradition in Europe, 1994. Samotnm rozvrhem prce se ovem dostv do znanch problm a dekontextualizace jednotlivch hnut. Uses well-known as well as hitherto understudied literary works in order to underdstand the preliminaries for the disputation over the first article in Basel, 1433....

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